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African Musical Instruments

Denne side har jeg "snuppet" fra en spændende web-side, hvor de sælger afrikanske instrumenter. Da jeg selv holder meget af at lave mine egne instrumenter, håber jeg at denne side kan inspirere dig, såvel som den har inspireret mig!
Det er nu adskillige år siden jeg fandt denne spændende side, uden faktisk at overveje hvor den lå fysisk. Nu vil tilfældet så at jeg på rundrejse i Californien marts 2005, tilfældigt ser en spændende musikbutik, og udforsker den lige indtil jeg blev smidt ud ved lukketid... Og først da jeg kom hjem kunne jeg på min købs-kvittering se at det faktsik var i "Lark in the morning"'s største butik, downtown San Francisco. Og det ER en flot og spændende butik :-) (Både på nettet og i virkeligheden)

Museum Uduudu.jpg (7694 bytes)

The Udu is a percussion instrument whose name is derived from the African tribal language meaning pottery. It is based on a centuries-old clay drum with tribal symbols, then fired, and painted with natural earth pigments. You can create beautiful sounds and vibrations that are both pure and spiritual. UDU019 $69.00 (SEE MORE UDU'S BELOW!)


Noisy Children

The bean of the "Flame Of The Forest" tree from Ghana. About 16" long, the seeds inside the bean rattle making a wonderful percussion instrument. Great sound for all types of music PER222 $4.00

Kpoko Kpoko (sound)

Double-ended wood bells come from the Ebo tribe of south-central Nigeria. The rattles produce a very unique wood rattling sound. Lightweight, natural wood with a woodsy-clangy sound.
Small 8" x 3 1/2" x 1 1/2", fits a small hand comfortably PER304 $15.00
Medium 12" x 6 1/2" x 2 1/2", fits hand comfortably, fairly lightweight, light-colored wood, deeper woodsy-clangy sound, carved with human faces and animal images PER305 $32.00
Large 14" x 6 1/2" x 2 1/2", fits hand comfortably, fairly lightweight, light-colored wood, deep woodsy-clangy sound, carved with human faces and animal images PER306 $40.00

Zulu Hide Drum

Great sounding hand drums covered in kudu hide.
5 Liter PER171 $38.00
20 Liter PER174 $80.00
25 Liter PER175 $95.00

Zulu Grass Rattle

Small handwoven rattle PER029 $6.50

Djembe Necklace

Handcarved wood body ELE017 $10.00

Tanzania Whistle

African 2 tone wooden whistle WHS014 $6.00

African Thumb Piano

The one-of-a-kind ethereal sound of the kalimba has become the musical symbol of Africa. These easy to play Thumb Pianos are made of Kiaat hardwood, with a resonating chamber and spring steel notes. They are tunable. Large Model, great sound   PER170 $29.00

Bendrey Gourd Drum

These wonderful gourd drums from Burkina Faso have goat skin heads. About 14"-16" in diameter. Great sound. Limited supply!  PER178 $65.00

Rhythm Gourd (sound)

Cowrie shells make the incredible percussive sound of this African rhythm instrument. From 1/2 a large gourd, painted and carved in striking African designs. Shake it, play it like a hand drum, the Rhythm Gourd makes an amazing variety of sounds!

PER161 $40.00

North African Story Tellers Drum (sound)

Traditional story tellers drum made in Morocco. Skin on both sides. The most wonderful drums we have come across in years! Beautiful traditional painting on both skin heads.

  DRU038 $40.00
Medium DRU039 $50.00

African Harp

18 string African harp. 45" tall. Traditional friction tuning. Skin head. HAR088 $250.00

Mini Ashikos

Wonderful small ashiko drums that you can take anywhere! Great for kids also. Solid wood staved body with natural skin heads for traditional sound. 8" diameter.
8" diameter x 12" high DRU233 $50.00
8" diameter x 16" high DRU234 $55.00
8" diameter x 20" high DRU235 $60.00
8" diameter x 24" high DRU236 $70.00
Tunable8" diameter x 12" high DRU237 $55.00
8" diameter x 16" high DRU238 $65.00
8" diameter x 20" high DRU239 $70.00
8" diameter x 24" high DRU240 $80.00

Rosewood Ashikos

Good sounding ashiko drums with traditional rope tensioning made of rosewood with skin head. These drums sound and look great and are at bargain prices!
9" x 20" DRU035 $145.00
14" x 27" DRU036 $300.00
14" x40" Standing Ashiko, thundering sound. DRU037 $385.00

Tanzania Whistle

African 2 tone wooden whistle WHS014 $6.00

African Sistrum (sound)

Great for rituals or a fun rhythm instrument, wonderful when using two at a time. Still used as magical ceremonial rattles.
Made in Kenya.
African Single Sistrum with jingles PER163 $12.00
African Double Sistrum with jingles PER164 $15.00
African Gourd Sistrum with jingles PER165 $20.00

Nutshell Shakers (sound)

Shakers. made of nut shells, quite loud with a sharp sound. Large size, nicely made PER150 $20.00

Zulu Cocoon Rattles

Amazing dance rattles of the Zulu peoples of South Africa. Three rows of cocoons sewn onto calfskin bands produce a sound like no other! Traditionally worn around the ankles or calves while dancing, you can also shake them with your hand.Price per pair   PER166 $35.00

African Drums


The Djembe drum is undoubtedly one of the most powerful drums in existence. It has been called "The Healing Drum", and dates back to the 12th C. great Mali Empire of West Africa, drum of the Mandingo people. A sacred drum, it was utilized in ceremonies such as healing, ancestral worship, rites of passage, warrior rituals, communication and storytelling. It has an incredible tonal range, from body felt base to thunderclap slap tone, and a dynamic range from whisper soft to a lions roar, setting it apart from other drums.Basic Models, made in Africa.Small, approx. 9" x 16" DRU222 $150.00
Large, approx. 12" x 25-1/2" DRU221 $275.00
Best Model, made in the US. These drums are easy to tune up, and stay in tune the longest of all available djembes. They are built with the traditional tuning system ("Mali Weave") using the finest high strength, low stretch rope, along with custom made solid steel hoops. Drums skins are all hand selected, imported "Yala" (goat skin), and come to you tuned to perfection complete with transport handle and heavy duty "stand up" strap. Selected woods as available. Ultra light weight.12" DRU138 $705.00 15" DRU139 $785.00

Talking Drum (Adondo) (sound)

Drums have many uses in African society. Drums are used through the life span of the African. During birth, initiation and death the sound of the drum is present. They are made from various objects including calabash, gourds, wood, bamboo etc. "Talking Drums" are widely used in Ghana especially by the Ashantis. They send messages of happiness, sorrow, war etc. to other tribes through the beating of the drum. They are called "Talking Drums" because they can produce a wide range of pitches including high female sounds and low male sounds by squeezing the drum. There is a language that is spoken with these magical sounding drums. Wood with skin heads and leather thongs about 19" tall TAD001 $85.00 Medium Wood approx. 13" tall TAD001A $65.00 Small Wood 11" tall TAD009 $45.00 High quality wood 7 1/2"x20" TAD012 $329.00 High quality wood 6"x13" TAD008 $257.00 High quality wood 5"x11" TAD010 $210.00

Hausa Kalangou
Talking Drum

Professional Talking Drum from Hausa, Africa, made in the traditional manner TAD013 $165.00

Engraved Metal Talking Drums

These wonderful unique talking drums have rope tension and either a nickel or brass shell with engraving. Beautiful and great sound.Hourglass shape 10"x13" TAD002 $100.00 Small Traditional talking drum shape, 7"x10", with stick TAD003 $100.00 Medium Traditional talking drum shape, 8"x15", with stick TAD004 $125.00

Ewe Barrel Drums

Drums of the Ewe speaking people, made of staved poplar. Skin is stretched across the mouth of the drum and pulled taut by a durable rope and peg tuning system. Ewe barrel drums are constructed in various sizes which articulate the function and character of each drum in the ensemble. The drums are played upright, tilted or suspended in a stand. Played with sticks or hands, they produce a variety of distinct projecting tones. Made in the US by Jag, in the traditional manner.


These are the most common Ewe barrel drums and are usually played together in an ensemble. The Sogo can double as a lead or support drum, while the Kidi and Kagan are strictly used as support drums. The Sogo is played with hands or sticks while both Kidi and Kagan are high pitched and played with sticks.Sogo 10" x 25" DRU126 $427.00 (Special Order) Kidi 8-1/2" x 21" DRU127 $326.00 (Special Order) Kagan 6-1/2" x 21" (Special Order) DRU128 $202.00 (Special Order)


Lead or master drum standing about 5 feet tall and has a head diameter of 10"x50" DRU129 $594.00 (Special Order) Stand DRU129S $113.00 (Special Order)


These stout barrel drums are low in pitch and function as support drums. They are played with sticks and have a muffled sound.Kloboto 16" x 10-1/2" DRU131 $234.00 (Special Order) Totodzi 15" x 11" DRU132 $234.00 (Special Order)


Boba is the lowest and richest sounding Ewe drum. It also functions as a lead drum and it can be played with sticks or hands.With bottom, about 35" x 16" DRU134 $575.00 (Special Order) Stand DRU133S $113.00 (Special Order)


The Gome is traced back to the Jamaican Maroons or the Ashanti slaves from West Africa in the 1790's. Right around that time, the Europeans banned the use of traditional carved drums in the Carribean. Hand-carved drums were once used as wartime signals. The Europeans were worried that the slaves would use the signals to revolt. Most of the slaves were carpenters and blacksmiths, so they designed a drum in disguise of a chair. It was said to have feet and a back so when the master left, the chair was turned forward and used as a drum. In the 1820's many slaves were sent back to Africa to Freetown Sierra Leone where Gome music became popular by 1840 and spread all over West and Central Africa. Gome is played with the hands and the heels of the feet pressing on the head to change the pitch. It is often used in modern Highlife in place of a bass player. A unique tuning system that consists of T-screws pressing against an internal frame changes the tension of the skin. 18"x15" by Jag DRU163 $539.00 (Special Order)


Tamalins are popular square frame drum among the Ashanti and Ga people of Ghana and are used in modern Highlife as well as traditional Adowa and Sikyi. They are held with one hand in the middle of the cross frame and struck with the other hand. A wedge tuning system and goatskin head produce a sweet sonorous tone by Jag.17" x 14" DRU114 $193.00 19" x 15" DRU115 $223.00 24" x 19" DRU116 $254.00


Traditional Gungon of the Dagombas of Northern Ghana. This sonorous tom tom, recreated in the authentic style, features quality goatskin heads hand roped to a lightweight 1/2" thick wooden shell. It is hung from one shoulder and played with a handcrafted curved stick. A snare stretched across each head characterizes the traditional Dagbani sound. An intricate rope tension tuning system keeps the drum light weight without sacrificing strength and durability. In addition the Gungon is made of wood which is staved and covered with richly colored African cloth or velvet. Shaved natural goatskin heads with snare. Curved stick and shoulder strap included. This amazing drum has deep thundering sound. 16"x15" DRU135 $408.00 (Special Order)


Traditionally played with Djembes and Ashiko drums featuring all welded metal hoops, natural wood or African cloth covering, traditional rope tension with natural shaved goatskin heads and made of cherry wood. 16"x18" DRU230 $490.00 (Special Order)

UDU Drums

The beautiful Udu Drum originates from Nigeria. Surprisingly, it began not as a percussion instrument, but as a common clay pot made for carrying water. When a potter from the ancient Ibo tribe inadvertently made an opening in the side of one of his vase-shaped water vessels, he discovered the pot's earthy, musical sound. Because some believed its haunting tone to be the "voice of the ancestors," the simple side-hole drum - sculpted entirely from earth, water, fire, and air - came to be an important part of religious ceremonies in southern and central Nigeria. Though the drum had different names depending on the region in which it was used, "udu" was the Ibo name, meaning both "pottery" and "peace" in the tribal language.Today's Udu Drum has become accessible to the world's percussionists through the efforts of one man - artist, industrial designer, and master ceramicist, Frank Giorgini. Some twenty years ago, Giorgini began painstakingly hand crafting the clay drums by traditional Nigerian pottery techniques and engineering them to acoustic perfection. He created a versatile musical instrument that appealed to percussionists and was so beautifully designed it was added to the permanent collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. As the demand for his handmade drums grew, the designer was moved to devise a system for producing them in greater quantities, more quickly. Through a slipcasting process, he produced his Claytone Series - Udu's with the same quality tone of the hand-sculpted originals, but more easily made. Now, LP Music Group continues that process, producing Udu drums that have "the voice of the ancestors."

Claytone Udu Drums Reminiscent of a pregnant belly, these tear drop shaped drums provide soothing sounds and easy playability. Includes straw ring. Claytone #1: A traditionally shaped UDU drum (water vessel shaped, one hole at the top and one in the side) in the "soprano" range UDU002 $130.00 Claytone #2: Same as Claytone #1, alto UDU003 $140.00 Claytone #3: Same as Claytone #1, tenor UDU004 $160.00 Claytone #4: as Claytone #1, bass UDU005 $180.00

Udongo:Udongo II Udu Drum creates rich, very extreme textures between chambers. Ranging from mellow, round dry sounds to bright, sharp angular, wet sounds. With practice a unique "whining" sound can be created. Includes straw rings. UDU006 $250.00

Mbwata:Mbwata Udu Drum creates rich and extreme textures between chambers. The lower rounded chamber produces mellow, round, dry bass tones, while the smaller, flat chamber creates bright, sharp, wet tones. Includes straw ring. UDU007 $250.00

Hadgini Udu Drum Hadgini Udu Drum was developed by Frank Giorgini and percussionist Jamey Haddad. A dual chambered drum with an extended "V" shaped air channel between the chambers. The rounded low chamber has a mellow, alto range while the triangular chamber has more bright and transparent sounds - almost like a clay tabla. Each chamber has different textures to add to the rubbing sounds that are possible. UDU018 $285.00

Tambuta Udu Drum Tambuta Udu Drum The design of the Udu Drum Tambuta allows for mounting on a snare stand for easy playability. It creates very dry tones with short to medium decay. The main body produces tight, quick, "pops" while the extending bell offers tonal compliments and a way to control air flow. Nice sound! UDU017 $170.00

Utar Udu Drum Utar Udu Drum Sounds created by the Utar can be described as "very rich and extreme". The main body creates low bass tones with a medium to long natural decay. The bell chamber creates very bright, wet sounds, while the shell can create "cowbell" type sounds. Includes straw ring. UDU016 $200.00

"How To" of UDU Instructional book and cassette on how to play the UDU drum UDU009 $30.00

African Percussion

African Reed Shaker

Great rhythm instrument from Africa. Rattle with reed framework and pebbles inside for a full rainstick-like sound PER013 $24.00

Zambia Rattles

Primitive seed pod rattles from Zambia PER026 $10.00

Jungle Rattles (sound)

Wonderful rattles from Kenya. A metal body with natural skin heads and lacing and a wooden handle. Shake these for a great and wild sound.Single PER142 $14.00 Double PER143 $16.00

Round Rattles

Amazing rattles from Kenya. A circular wooden body with metal jingles strung on wire make an incredible sound. Great for ancient rituals or what have you PER144 $16.00

Gourd Rattles

Made from a gourd with a natural wooden handle these African rattles are a great percussion instrument for many purposes. Decorate them and make ceremonial rattles or enjoy them as they are PER145 $10.00

African Sisal Rattles

Small handwoven rattle shaped like a gourd. PER021 $6.00

African Basket Rattles

Small handwoven rattle from Mali. Great small rhythm instruments. PER016 $7.50

Whirling Drums

Hold these drums (tik-tak drums) between both of your palms and rub back and forth making the drums whirl. They make a great sound that changes with your rhythm and speed. Made with a handlaced skin head and a handcarved wooden stick.Small PER007 $10.00 Medium PER008 $12.00 Large PER009 $14.00 Double small, heads at one end PER023 $12.00 Double medium, heads at both ends PER022 $15.00


Shekeres are gourds covered with a woven, beaded webbing. These are authentic instruments made in Africa; the webbing is made of sturdy nylon.Seed-Bead Shekere........ PER018 $40.00 Ceramic-Bead Shekere........ PER019 $40.00 Seashell Shekere ........ PER019A $40.00 Mini Shekere with seed beads PER018A $25.00

Gankoqui Double Bells

These double bells are handforged by the best Ewe blacksmiths and are used for all of their traditional music. The Gankoqui is created from iron that is heated to blistering temperature, hammered and shaped to the proper size and set back in the fire for tempering. Its clear and cutting tone demonstrates why it has been the center of so much traditional African music.Medium, about 10" high PER116 $35.00


Hand-forged from iron, these bells produce clear, cutting, high-pitched tones. The Toke is held in the palm and played with a beater. The Dodompo is placed on the middle finger and struck with an iron ring worn around the thumb (African iron castanet).Toke PER118 $30.00 Dodompo PER119 $15.00 hr size=5>

African Harps

Interesting small harps from Kenya. Either 3-string, 1 neck or 6-string, 2 neck models. They are tunable and sound sweetly.3 string, 1 neck HAR076<$25.00

6 string, 2 neck HAR077 $30.00

larkshop.gifYou will find more African instruments in our Tuned Percussion section including kalimbas, mbiras and balafons.

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